Product Engineer for No-Code App Builder

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Our Mission

We're on a mission to let anyone create software, by building a platform to let you build apps without code. We want to change the way software is built. That's a pretty big task, and we've got some exciting problems.

About the role

If you're a product-focussed engineer, come and talk to us about how we're building a platform that lets us run rich, flexible apps built without fully code.
  • You'll be creating a React-based app editor that lets users create software through their browser.
  • You'll be building a backend that can connect to any data source, and simulate running complex data processes.
  • You'll taking ideas from programming language design and turning them into flexible functionality that can be used by non-programmers.
  • You'll be shipping new modules daily, which are used immediately by our users to make their apps work better and do more.
Our stack is a React frontend, Python backend. Postgres, Memcached and everything running on docker/k8s. Experience in React is necessary, but everything else is a bonus.

About You

We're looking for someone who's about more than just writing software. You should should expect to spend as much time thinking about the tough product problems as the tough technical problems.

You should should love about thinking about things from the point of view of the user, and enjoy working out how a particular feature fits within our overall product strategy.

If that sounds like you, then apply!

To apply:


We have always been remote. When Michael, my co-founder, had the original idea for the business he was living London and I was in Geneva, so we started remote and stayed that way.

We have had people working for us in: UK, Estonia, Spain, Switzerland, France, China, South Africa and the US.
Michael ยท
For the company we enjoy the benefit of getting to hire from such a huge pool of talent. (While we limit ourselves by timezone but we still have a huge area that we are able to hire from).

For everyone in our team we enjoy not having to commute, flexibility in choosing where you want to live, and the ability to work and travel at the same time.
Michael ยท




Stacker's remote company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom

Remote team in 4 cities and 3 countries

Stacker is working remotely from 4 cities like London, Geneva and Mรกlaga across 3 countries like United Kingdom, Switzerland and Spain with the average temperature of 23ยฐC.

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