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Growth Marketing Manager

· 2w Worldwide
🏙 26 locations
🌎 14 countries
🤓 11-50 members
As the Growth Marketing Manager, you’ll be responsible for leading and assisting marketing initiatives meant to increase traffic and trials. You will use your broad skillset to present new ideas and opportunities to help grow Hubstaff through new and existing channels and retargeting efforts. Thrilling, right? You will also help build and monitor automations, and report back with suggestions on next steps.


One of the most valued benefit of remote work is often considered to be the ability to choose your own working hours and at Hubstaff you can work from anywhere in the world on your own schedule. You'll meet your teammates in real life on the company retreats.

Hubstaff shares their metrics for a more transparent company culture.



Hubstaff's remote company is headquartered in Indianapolis, United States

Tools used for remote work

Remote team at Hubstaff is using 1 tools like Hubstaff when working remotely.

Remote team in 26 cities and 14 countries

Hubstaff is working remotely from 26 cities like Washington, Minnesota and Winnipeg across 14 countries like United States, Romania and Philippines with the average temperature of 19°C.

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