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Growth Engineer

· 1mo Worldwide
🏙 18 locations
🌎 11 countries
11-50 members
We are:

Shogun (YC W18) - a page builder tool for eCommerce stores. We're one of the most popular apps on Shopify and BigCommerce. Our fully remote team of 30 is located all around the world.

We need:

A full stack rails engineer with an interest in the business side of things. You'll work closely with our growth team to move growth initiatives forwards.


One of the most valued benefit of remote work is often considered to be the ability to choose your own working hours and at Shogun you can work from anywhere in the world on your own schedule. You'll meet your teammates in real life on the company retreats.

Shogun reimburses your coworking space so you could get out of your house if you want to.

The team at Shogun is trying to be flexible when you're planning your vacation.

It's good to know that you'll have a health insurance if you should need it when working remotely at Shogun.

It really boosts your motivation to know that you'll have an equity in Shogun. Shogun shares their metrics for a more transparent company culture.


Remote team in 18 cities and 11 countries

Shogun is working remotely from 18 cities like San Francisco, Ottawa and São Paulo across 11 countries like United States, India and United Kingdom with the average temperature of 21°C.

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