Freelance Coordinator

Surge IO, Inc.
About Surge 
We’re a digital media technology company with a focus on helping publishers build, brand, and grow their audience and monetization. Our current focus is helping scale content production across multiple verticals.


We are looking for a seasoned operations expert who will handle all writer hiring, onboarding, and engagement. This individual will oversee the toolset utilized by the writers and serve to represent its improvement. This role will require management of all writer operations in a scaled manner 


  • Scale all writer operations - job posting, hiring, onboarding & training 
  • Create and maintain training materials and workflow for writer engagement 
  • Support all incoming queries from writers and deliver responses/solutions 
  • Establish an at-scale relationship and communication strategy with the writers 
  • Ensure writer satisfaction with high levels of writer engagement and retention 
  • Optimize writer performance through the use of data analytics 
  • Set standards for writer output and ability to monitor & enhance the effectiveness of writer performance 
  • Create ever-evolving goals for writer engagement and output delivery 
  • Work with Product to incorporate writer feedback into the toolset 


  • A four-year college degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Ability to work in a  fast-paced, remote company 
  • Experience with an online publisher or digital media company (digital publishing industry)
  • Previous experience managing freelancers 
  • Solid communication and ability to connect with freelance workers who may work on various projects 
  • Experience creating high-quality training materials - videos, podcasts, infographics 
  • Previous experience with content management and editorial processes/cycles 
  • Familiarity with Wordpress or any other CMS 

To Apply 

  • Please send your resume to 
  • Please comment on each of the requirement bullet points with your relevant experience or details including the time you spent on it
  • Example Bullet Point: Ability to work in a remote, fast-paced company
  • Response: I have 3 years of experience working at a remote company of 15 people. I mainly handled all client engagement and built key relationships across tier 1 clients….
  • This is a full-time contract position working US business hours 

To apply: http://Email Only