Engineering Manager

Cinchapi is seeking an Engineering Manager that is eager to get her hands dirty building a world-class software team. In this role, you'll serve as the company's day-to-day technical expert, manage individual contributors and drive the implementation of an innovative technical vision across across our product suite. As the Engineering Manager, you'll wear many hats. On a given day, you'll function as team lead, project manager, software architect and scrum master โ€“ whatever is necessary to ensure that the team ships quality products.

An ideal candidate is somewhat with recent hands-on software development experience and team lead responsibilities. Cinchapi uses Java on the backend and Vue on the frontend, so deep experience in these technology stacks is preferred.

This is a full-time remote position. The compensation for this position is a salary of $95,000.

Technologies we use
  • Core Cinchapi platforms and products provide the foundation for customer deployments.
  • Java for backend services.
  • VueJS and D3 for frontend applications.
  • Docker, Google Cloud and AWS for infrastructure.

What youโ€™ll do
  • Recruit, manage and grow a team of highly skilled engineers across the stack.
  • Serve as scrum master for core product development.
  • Oversee technical decision making in accordance with the CEOs technical vision.
  • Analyze technology, resource needs, and market demand, to plan and assess the feasibility of projects.
  • Create plans for prioritizing technical and resourcing challenges in the Engineering organization.
  • Maintain a prioritized backlog with short and long term goals
  • Evangelize new technologies, solutions and best practices both within and outside your direct team.
  • Serve as an expert in residence around infrastructure scaling, system architecture code structure and microservices.
  • Continuously lead the teamโ€™s effort to balance continuous and iterative shipping with long term investments in code stability and scalability.
  • Work closely with the CEO and other senior leaders to set technology standards across the organization.
  • Participate in peer code reviews.
  • Help review and manage contributions from open source community members.

What weโ€™re looking for
  • Team lead experience.
  • A well articulated software development and team building philosophy.
  • Advanced experience with Java and the JVM that goes beyond the basics of simply writing code that runs on the JVM.
  • A thorough understanding of the CAP theorem.
  • Knowledge of database internals and appreciation for the inner-workings of complex storage systems.
  • A demonstrated understanding of various challenges associated with distributed systems at scale and experience overcoming them.
  • Intermediate experience with VueJS and Nuxt or another reactive Javascript ecosystem.
  • Experience working with document-oriented NoSQL databases.
  • Experience working with SQL databases.
  • Experience with Docker or containerization, in general.
  • Experience with Bash and the Linux command line (i.e. a knack for creating shell scripts to automate system administration tasks).
  • A willingness to work in a startup environment where youโ€™ll wear multiple hats, juggle lots of competing priorities and work until the job is done.
  • Experience using Docker.
  • General knowledge of unit testing or test driven development.
  • Knowledge of CI/CD.

What weโ€™d love to see
  • A familiarity with ConcourseDB, Cinchapiโ€™s open-source distributed database warehouse for transactions, search and analytics across time.
  • A history of contributing to open source projects.
  • Previous experience working on and leading remote teams.

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to

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