Customer Support Engineer

🏙 37 locations
🌎 10 countries
🤓 11-50 members
🇪🇺 Europe
We are hiring a Technical Customer Support Executive to help us “double down” on the great service experience we provide our customers. Team Revenue is made up of three teams: Sales, Success, and Support. You’d be reporting to the Support Team Manager. As a Technical Customer Support Engineer, you would be responsible for handling general support emails sent during European business hours, along with solving more technical requests from our customers. (e.g. Answering detailed questions about our API, and assisting with lead data cleanup and migrations.)




🚚 Continuous delivery
We ship code multiple times per day via CircleCI
🔓 Open source
We <3 open source -
📚 Learning & sharing
In our weekly eng video meeting we do "Show & Tells" where we show off something that we recently built, learned, etc.


Remote team in 37 cities and 10 countries

Close is working remotely from 37 cities like New York, Jackson and St. Augustine across 10 countries like United States, Canada and Brazil with the average temperature of 26°C.

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