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Backend Software Engineer

· 2w Worldwide
🏙 1 location
🌎 1 country
LaterPay is looking for a full time Backend Software Engineer to join our distributed tech team. You’ll work on various backend applications, building new features, as well as maintaining and fixing existing code.


One of the most valued benefit of remote work is often considered to be the ability to choose your own working hours and at LaterPay you can work from anywhere in the world on your own schedule. You'll meet your teammates in real life on the company retreats.

You'll keep training your mind with the learning budget.

Your vacation days are paid, but ask LaterPay for specifics.



LaterPay's remote company is headquartered in Munich, Germany

Remote team in 1 cities and 1 countries

LaterPay is working remotely from 1 cities like Munich across 1 countries like Germany with the average temperature of 11°C.