Back End Engineer

Chili Piper
πŸ™ 11 locations
🌎 4 countries
πŸ€“ 11-50 members

As a part of growing team, you will collaborate with engineersΒ  throughout our organization and technology stack to build products that are revolutionizing the way our clients achieve their business goals.


  • Build API to a multi-tenant backend services to enable easy access by internal applications, clients, and partners

  • Continuously integrate and ship code into the cloud environment

  • Develop applications from ground up using a modern technology stack such as Scala, Akka, Play, React and NoSQL

  • Participate in defining the architecture of modern tools and runtime for operating your code such as GCP, Docker, Kubernetes

  • Work directly with Product Owners to deliver products in a collaborative and agile environment

Who You Are

  • You are passionate to be part of cutting edge projects and are motivated by delivering world-class products with great architecture on an aggressive schedule

  • You are not intimidated by challenges; thrives even under pressure; are passionate about your craft; and hyper focused on delivering exceptional results

  • You love to learn new technologies and mentor engineers to raise the bar on your team

  • You use, or are passionate about learning, functional programming the right way, GCP, Docker, Scala, Akka, Mong

  • Not afraid of implementing UI for new and existing features

What we're looking forΒ 

  • Advanced level knowledge of JVM and OOP

  • 4+ years of full stack development experience

  • 2+ years of experience in Scala

  • Experience working with Play Scala or Akka HTTP

  • Experience in designing API and documenting them

  • Experience in Unix/Linux including basic commands and scripting

  • Proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model

  • Understanding of React.js and its core principles

  • Solid understanding of continuous integration, deployment and monitoring

  • Excellent communication skills

Additional Qualifications

  • Designing mission-critical system using GCP, Docker, microservices architecture

  • Experience with Cats or Scalaz and know how to apply them in the messy world of FP-OOP

  • Experience with Kubernetes

  • Experience with Docker containers


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Chili Piper's remote company is headquartered in New York, United States

Remote team in 11 cities and 4 countries

Chili Piper is working remotely from 11 cities like Washington, San Francisco and Tampa across 4 countries like United States, Brazil and Canada with the average temperature of 27Β°C.

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