Why everyone loves remote work

August 15, 2019

There are discussions happening on the Internet about remote work problems. There is loneliness. Very popular. There are distractions. Yep, they exist. Not easy to unplug. These are real problems!

But people love working remotely! And they’re willing to forgive its failings.

FYI wrote a remote work report based on answers from almost 500 people. You’ll find dogs and cats (obviously). 180+ remote work tips. How people feel. Challenges. Meetings.

But here I would like to draw your attention to embarrassing moments instead. Because it’s fun! And these moments are real.

"My dad coming over during my weekly 1:1 with my boss, hugging me, and asking to say hi to my work friend.
– Aww, so sweet

"My husband walked through the background of a video call in his underwear." 
– Yep, this is normal when working from home

"My husband has a habit of reorganizing the freezer during client meetings."
– Emm, what? Probably looking for food

This is part of the work now. So let’s just get used to it!

Founder's comment

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