Virtual co-working spaces for remote teams

July 10, 2019

Soon weโ€™ll be putting on our virtual reality headsets and enter our digital office. Weโ€™ll talk with out digital coworkers (who live very far from each other on the physical plane), drink our digital coffee (which doesnโ€™t exist) and do our digital work (same as now).

Oh, wait... are we in this already? 

While weโ€™re waiting for the virtual reality co-working spaces, there are a lot of apps that help remote teams to stay connected. For example: gathers all your remote teamโ€™s activity from different tools in one place. It currently has integrations with Slack, Telegram, GitHub and GitLab. Built by indie hacker Sergio Mattei who is also the maker of Makerlog which is a collaborative task log that helps over 2k+ creators get things done. gets that cross-timezone video calls are a nightmare and helps to communicate with your remote team with short video clips. Made by an indie maker Jon Yongfook while traveling the world.

๐Ÿ“ฝ Loom captures your screen and records front-facing camera while you talk (basically youโ€™ll share your screen and talk with your head in a bubble). Share it instantly with a simple link. Venture backed with more than $10M โ€“ so they are quite huge, yes.

Slack is probably the most popular "digital co-working space"? Youโ€™re "in the office" when youโ€™re logged in. But, Doist (who is one of the leading remote teams by the way) is building a calmer version of Slack with Twist โ€“ for example, they do not have online/offline indicators, which means no pressure to stay connected all day and respond immediately.

Jackfruit is a kind of virtual coworking space built into your teamโ€™s Slack - basically every channel gets its own always-on video room.

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