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Remote work is not cocktails on a beach

July 11, 2019

When I read about remote work, I often see these kind of images 👆

Also tried to google "remote work" and it's:

🍹 50% cocktails on a beach and 
💻 50% clean desk packed with Apple's products.

Nope, this is not a reality when working remotely. For a few, maybe. I mean, sun is too hard on your eyes and you won't see the screen. Also, not very productive to sip cocktails all day. And you need to charge your laptop, no? Where's the power socket?

In reality, people are working from home instead of a beach and the real challenge is to mute your call exactly at these times when your baby cries.

There are probably at least a few people working on a beach and drinking cocktails, but almost 2.5k remote workers responded to Buffer's State of Remote Work about their workplaces, and it came out as:

🏡 home – 84%
💻 co-working spaces – 8%
☕️ cafes – 4%
🏛 libraries – 1% 
🚐 other places, including  RV campers and grandma's basement – 3%

Featured team

💡 Niteo builds SaaS products

Niteo is a decade old SaaS studio building products that empower small businesses online. They've built and sold many products, but currently running:

✏️ Easy Blog Networks
🛒 WooCart

They have a great Handbook that clarifies what Niteo is and how they operate. For example, it contains:

🔢 Salary Calculator
✅ Find Your Next Task
🎧 Everyone On Support

Remote jobs

🎧 WordPress Customer Support


Building SaaS products
🏙 5 cities
🌎 5 countries
🤓 11-50 members

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