Remote work is not cocktails on a beach

July 11, 2019

When I read about remote work, I often see these kind of images

Also tried to google "remote work" and itโ€™s:

50% cocktails on a beach and 
50% clean desk packed with Appleโ€™s products.

Nope, this is not a reality when working remotely. For a few, maybe. I mean, sun is too hard on your eyes and you wonโ€™t see the screen. Also, not very productive to sip cocktails all day. And you need to charge your laptop, no? Whereโ€™s the power socket?

In reality, people are working from home instead of a beach and the real challenge is to mute your call exactly at these times when your baby cries.

There are probably at least a few people working on a beach and drinking cocktails, but almost 2.5k remote workers responded to Bufferโ€™s State of Remote Work about their workplaces, and it came out as:

home โ€“ 84%
co-working spaces โ€“ 8%
๏ธ cafes โ€“ 4%
๐Ÿ› libraries โ€“ 1% 
 other places, including  RV campers and grandmaโ€™s basement โ€“ 3%

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