How to ask to work remotely

July 22, 2019

Ready to take off and see the world? Would like to have some extra time with your loved ones? Go remote!

If you already have a job that you like, you should start by convincing your boss. A couple of tips:

You should be a high-performing team member

If you’re not already, become one now! Why should your boss let you binge-watch Netflix during office hours? And pay money for this! Also, it’s anyways a good idea to be a high-performing team member.

Prepare a couple of good reasons you’d like to work from home

For example, if you wouldn’t have to travel to the office in the morning, you could open your laptop together with your morning coffee and use this productive time to finish off some tasks in your to-do list. Something like this, you get the point.

Propose a test run

Before moving to Bali, start by proposing a test period where you’d work from home. Both you and your boss can then see if this would work out.

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