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How not to disappear when working from home

July 12, 2019

Almost half of the US workforce works remotely and over half of them have been left out of important meetings. Also, 2/3 say they deal with challenges they would not encounter in an office setting.

Remote workers can seemingly disappear because they are not physically present, but how to be more visible so your team wouldn't forget that you exist?

💬 Let the team know if you're present or not – you can do this easily by changing your status to away on your messaging app

📣 Speak up – when you're not physically present, speak up to be heard (can be tempting to push mute button during meetings, but... don't)

👩‍💼 Create a professional working environment at home – helps you be more productive and makes it easier to disconnect from work

Featured team

🏡 Latchel coordinates rental property maintenance

Y Combinator-backed, high growth, and well-funded startup. Fully-remote and invests heavily in creating a strong culture to keep the whole team connected.

They do weekly kick-off meetings, daily standups and release new features weekly at minimum.

They're doing regular video conferencing, and most meetings are recorded so team members that aren't available can watch them at a later time.

Remote jobs

☎️ On-Call Maintenance Troubleshooter & Dispatcher
📞 Maintenance Coordinator (Customer Service, Operations)
⌨️ Web Developer / Software Engineer
💼 Business Development Rep


24/7 maintenance department for property managers
🏙 11 cities
🌎 2 countries
🤓 11-50 members

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