Hey freelancers

Hey freelancers!

I’ve been thinking about how to connect talent on RemoteHub with new clients. As I’m now looking for a freelancer to help me turn some designs into responsive html/css, I thought what a great way to start!

I started to build something yesterday and wrote a short blog post about what I have now and where to we could take this next.

Here’s a quick recap:

Clients post projects with tasks. Freelancers submit their interests.

Clients build their network of freelancers.

Freelancers build their network of clients.

Freelance friends. Client needs a design + code. Better to order code from the friend of the freelancer as they are used to work together.

No payment processing and freelancer will keep all the money.

I’ve posted a first project to turn some designs into html/css (it’s paid of course!). We could work through tasks on RemoteHub to test this out!  Submit your interest here.

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