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December 11, 2019

I had this idea when I started RemoteHub. It would be a place where people sign up and apply for remote jobs with one profile. Almost like AngelList Talent, but for remote jobs only.

And for almost a year now, I’ve been pushing this idea aside. I need some traffic at first. There needs to be more content. I have to launch many times on Product Hunt. I don’t have a lot of jobs in the beginning.

Fuck that. I won’t wait for another year.

I asked 100 remote companies if I can start accepting candidates for their remote jobs. 10 companies (10%) answered and told me "yes, Rauno! please do this".

And so I did. There are now embarrassing amount of jobs listed on my site. 12 jobs to be exact. But these are all jobs you can apply to with your RemoteHub account. And that was the idea from the beginning.

Why do you want to apply with your RemoteHub profile?

You get an email when remote company opens your application (would be fun to know!)
You have a "remote profile" that you keep updated and use for all your job applications
️ Often it takes you just a mouse click to apply (sometimes there are a few questions)

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