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Working from home with kids

I've been working from home with one of my daughter + wife for almost 2 years. With this coronavirus thing going on now, there's not much changed. I'm still working from home, but both of my daughers are here as kindergarden is closed and I'm not occasionally going out to a coffee shop or public library to avoid contact with people.

I haven't had any strict schedule or dedicated office space at my home – I'm mostly working at our dining table or couch as I like to be part of the family life except rare video calls that I take in a separate room.

I've heard people doing things like:
👶 Partners working and playing with kids in turns (2h each, then switch)
📹 Include kids in their video calls (that's fun!)
📺 Setting up virtual babysitters with friends, grandparents etc

A lot of people now work at home with kids – how does your day look like? 🙂

I'm a coder working from home with an 8 year old and an 11 year old and my partner doesn't work.

I have three agreements with them; After 5pm they can bug me all they want, if I'm talking to my computer then I'm on a call, or if I have headphones on then I'm focusing and they shouldn't disturb.

Other than that I'll do school runs, shopping, lunch, play a game of cricket, tie shoe laces, play music etc. as needed. I do have a quiet space but often work from the kitchen counter. As you say Rauno it is nice to be part of family life.

It does help that my partner doesn't work but also we live in a gated estate with other kids, a lake and a forest. They are old enough to go out on their own, cycle around, etc.

Yeah, it is nice to be part of the family life. There was a time when I worked from an office and then I was gone from 8AM to 6PM. I got home tired and kids went to sleep anyways!

I know Stanwood's @hanneskleist desk with 3 monitors is set up in the middle of their open plan living room to be a part of family life:

I have my desk with three monitors set up in the middle of our open plan living room because I want to be a part of family life when my kids are home.

My wife for example is a copywriter and locks herself into her home office upstairs to stay focused.

Cute story Paul :)