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What's your main communication channel?

As I work alone, I'm talking to myself in my head and I don't need any communication tool other than my brain. How do you communicate in your remote team?

Our main communication channel is Slack and there is not an expectation for receiving an immediate response. When people are caught up in 'deep work', it's not uncommon for them to disconnect from Slack.

We use Sococo for live video and audio, and Slack for text.

We usually start and end the day with greetings and goodbyes via Slack. There are also weekly team meetings and campfires.

We communicate through SYNAPS, communication platform, that we developed. It has an ability to make video calls, but in our team we prefer text (because of the language barrier - its just simpler for everyone).

Our main communication channels are Slack and video calls, where we discuss project and company related topics, post our status and share tech stuff and other fun things with each other.

We communicate via emails, Mattermost, and Zoom for video calls.