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Tools for remote work

I'm using Slack for text and Skype for video when talking with my clients. Which tools are you mostly using when working remotely?

Zoom for quick meeting for sure, if you want something fun with your team or clients then you can check out which is an engagement platform.

Cool, I'll check out Toasty!

Yeah, Zoom is probably very popular right now. My friend is a school teacher here and she installed Zoom on her phone today so she could participate in a virtual school meeting :)

I make me sad that we are still using Skype. Clunky program. Any alternative besides Zoom?

Oh, Skype is awful... we're using it out of habit. In fact, I made a proposal to switch over to Zoom a couple of days ago. We're planning to set it up tomorrow.

But there are these new video tools popping up a lot recently. This is quite cool I think:

I signed up for the early access, but don't have it yet.
I saw it on producthunt. It looks pretty dope. I signup for early access as well. Their echo cancelation tech is very interesting.
Yep, and I like their "faces in circles" concept. When you move your head, it looks like camera follows you as it keeps your face in the center.