Many remote companies are doing these reports about remote work – like @buffer, @fyi, @hubspot and others. @gitlab has been talking a lot about remote work and glad to see this recent report from them! 👏

The report again confirms the best benefits of remote work:
🗓 Flexible scheduling
🚗 Lack of commute
💰 Cost savings
💕 Able to care for family and pets
🧘‍♀️ Reduced anxiety/stress

2019 was the first year I did 🏆 Remote Work Awards on @remotehub!

While these other reports have been focusing more on people working remotely, I'm focusing more on companies (and their managers).

Just to give a perspective from the remote management point of view. And it's called "Awards" as it recognizes some leading remote companies who have done a great job promoting remote work.

I should probably already start preparing the 2020 report 🤔