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RemoteMatt · 2w

Focusmate - Virtual Coworking Helps You Get Things Done

Has anyone used https://www.focusmate.com ? Has it helped you get more done while working remotely?

Interesting product! I know how hard it can be to focus on work. First 15m are usually the hardest, then it gets better.

For me, it's sometimes hard to find the starting point. I often find myself looking at my project and trying to find the most important thing to work on, but I know this is a mistake. I feel I'm more productive when I just start with a real task, then I find myself more in a flow. I keep a todo list on Todoist so that more recent ideas are on top. I try to start the day by taking something small from the top of my backlog just to get moving. Then I'll see where it takes me!

I do believe that what Focusmate does can be helpful as there's a face on your screen who is also working and I guess later you both give some feedback how it went?

Procrastinating is so huge that we now need a strager to force us to work!

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