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Hi everyone!

I'm the founder of RemoteMore.

We help world-class developers to find full-time remote jobs. 🏆

Currently, we have about 3,000 developers on the marketplace, and about 300 companies. Things are going well. But to keep improving the product, I need more feedback.

Do you want to sign-up and help me with feedback?

For developers ->
For companies ->

P.S. We are very passionate about remote work, and we are a fully remote company.

Hi Boris and nice to have you on RemoteHub!

Wow, I really like the concept! I signed up as a company and I could then browse developer profiles – it was only after I signed up that I fully understood how cool it really is.

1) I love the videos! Working with remote developers is not only about receiving code, it's a constant communication (often video calls). So these videos really help to understand if it would be easy for me to communicate with the developer (e.g. speaks English well).

Small thing: when I'm browsing developers, there's a button "Video available" – clicking on this allows me to quickly see the video, but when closing the modal it looses my position in the list and I have to scroll down and remember where I was.

2) Trying to fully understand the hiring process. I see there's "Agreements" and "Payments" links – is it so that when I would like to work with a developer, I can sign the agreement in your portal and then will also make payments through you?

Hi Rauno,

Thank you for the very helpful feedback!

We should definitely work on our marketing - we keep hearing this reaction: "Wow, I got it after I signed up".

1) Good point about the video scrolling to the right position - we have fixed it now. I didn't realize we have that bug.

2) Yes - you can do the "Agreements" and "Payments" on the platform (or you can use other solutions for those things if you prefer). Those are supporting features for our product, to help people with doing their remote hiring/payments.

Btw, are you based in Estonia? I was once in Estonia, and know some people in the tech industry, who are into remote work. For example, I have a really good first impressions of Rait Ojasaar. He's investing in tech startups, particularly in Eastern European, and he is into remote work/software.

Maybe this will be helpful for you. ^

1) I now see there's an image of the platform on the "For companies" page, that's great! I think I didn't notice this. Maybe if you'd have a bigger version of the same image on your front page could help.

2) Oh, that's nice!

Yep, I'm in Estonia. I hope you liked here! I do, although wouldn't mind some more sun :)

I think we have a great startup culture here. Estonia is also a birthplace of Skype and Transferwise, for example. And we just had this great startup festival sTARTUp Day in Tartu (where I live) some days ago.
Estonia has big startup potential indeed. There is this Eastern-European problem solving, plus strong technical skills and language skills. It's a good formula.

P.S. I was in Tallinn, and I liked it very much. The old city is amazing.