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rauno · RemoteHub · 3w

Fleetio joined!

Fleetio joined our remote community! They're headquartered in Birmingham, AL and they also have a strong remote working culture.

Would be interesting to know how much of your team works remotely now? Do some people who work in the Birmingham office work also from home some days of the week?

I've been thinking about how to let remote companies specify their "level of remote" – this could be interesting to know for people looking to join the team. I haven't yet figured out how it would be best to present this, it could be a "remote %" like "rougly 40% of us work remotely" or just options like "minority/majority of us works remotely". All ideas appreaciated!

About 30% of our employees work remotely - even our CTO is remote (that really says a lot). Our most remote team is Engineering. While 50% of our Engineers live in Birmingham (and the other 50% is sprinkled across the US), our Birmingham-based Engineers still have the ability to work remotely. They come into the office when they'd like. We do have positions that are not considered remote. As an example, all of our Product Managers work from HQ. Yes, they have the flexibility to WFH as needed, but they understand (during the interview process) that this role is based at HQ and to be successful, we'd love to have them in the office as much as possible.

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