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RemoteMatt · 3w

Headphones for your remote standups

When I first started working remotely, I made the mistake buying a cheap pair of headphones. The consequences were unreliable conference calls with a mandatory "can you hear me?" introduction in place of salutation.

No More! This affordable Sennheiser gaming headset I picked up the other day has been working great: https://amzn.to/2pxABnQ

All of my conference calls have been crystal clear, and I honestly don't know whether a better value can be had. What types of headsets are other remote folks using? This is becoming somewhat of an obsession for me!

Haha, for me it's currently "can you hear me?" – I think there's something wrong with my Apple headphones. I have to unplug them sometimes so they would work again. But I'm not doing calls very often now.

I've been thinking about getting these fancy Apple wireless headphones – I've heard you can even shower with them although officially they are not waterproof?

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