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rauno · RemoteHub · 1mo

Are you using a laptop stand?

I'm mostly working from home, public library and coffee shops with my Macbook. I've never tried a laptop stand, but I'm now thinking about getting one.

Are you using a laptop stand when working? Roost Stand is probably a good pick?

Roost looks neat!

As a fellow Macbooker, I opted to stick with the aluminum! https://amzn.to/2MywIqo

This aluminium stand looks nice! I would definitely get something like this when I would work from home only. As I like to work from different places throughout the day, I need to be able to fold it into my bag.

I use this little stand from Ikea. It's meant to be for a tablet but works well with a 13inch MacBook and fits in a backpack.

Looks nice (and it's $4.99)! Although not foldable, it's quite small to fit in a reasonable size bag.

Also, is anyone using something to put their laptop on when sitting on a couch? I usually take a larger book under the laptop as it gets hot (currently using Macbook, but I remember Macbook PRO got even more hotter when I did something which needed more processor power).

These "larger books" are usually children's books (haha!) because all my books are either too small or inside a Kindle and daughters are not often very happy when I borrow their books!

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