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Do you meet your remote team in real life?

As I'm the only member in my remote team, I only meet myself. In front of a mirror! Do you meet your team in real life?

We do meet in person as a team at least 4 times a year, and team members meet among themselves often if they're in the same city.

We have an annual, all-inclusive, company retreat to get the whole team together for a week for work and relationship-building. We've also started having mini-retreats where individual teams will get together for a week to realign on goals and spend time together.

We try to get together as a whole company every 9 months or so to meet in person, build community, and get some work done!

On a more regular basis, many of our team members who are located near each other will come together for coworking days.

We meet up at least twice a year to have some quality face-to-face time, get to know each other better and make memories.

Yes, we meet in person to work together once a year, or whenever we can. Our first event was in Malaga in 2013, and then we met in Tenerife, Porto, Cyprus, and Split.

Also, smaller groups meet in WordCamps, especially WordCamp Europe.

We try to organize company retreats once a year as it's one of the rare times we get to be with each other in person.

The main objective of the whole company offsite is for us to connect and bond in person. Each year we choose a new global destination - often somewhere where we can explore an innovative payment system.