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Did you start with a remote team?

I know a lot of companies start with a remote team from day one, but most companies probably add remote team members later.

Curious if you started with a remote team or evolved into one?

We started remote and will stay that way forever.

In 2012 we started with a team in office, then in 2014 only our Marketing manager was fully remote, and then our Development team began to phase out the office! We started to make 'remote-first' a priority and finally in 2019, we've gotten rid of the office for good!

We started to hire for remote positions to access the larger talent pool. After testing it on one team, we knew it was a perfect solution.

For GitLab, being an all-remote company did not start as an intentional decision. It was a natural evolution as our first team members started choosing to work from home. Now we have more than 800 team members in more than 55 countries around the world.

We started as a remote company from day one.

We have always been remote, there is no office space to go to!

We had a soft start to remote working with a core hours launch in January 2018. The entire company switched to Everyday Flex in November 2019.

Thanks! I see a lot of companies switching to a remote setup, and these processes can take a couple of years. Some keep their offices, but others (like @larissamurillo and the team) even get rid of the office competely!

Curious what's "Everyday Flex"?

The company began providing services in Alaska only back in 2017. It adjusted to remote first in January 2019.

Convert has always been remote and that will never change. It's the future and we're proud that flexibility comes first in our team (and we can work in pajamas).

Haha, yes! I love working in pajamas!