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Remote companies with the most time zones

As I have a list of cities for remote companies, I thought I'll look into time zones as well. I was able to fetch time zone details for each city from the Google Time Zone API. Then I counted different time zones for each remote company and put the number on their profile (under Fun Facts).

You'll find TOP 10 on the stats page:

I wonder how you handle communication in your team when your members are spread across tens of different time zones.

Any tips on how to manage remote team communication with so many different times on clocks?

#1 @gitlab
#2 @timedoctor
#3 @doist
#4 @buffer
#5 @mapillary
#6 @hubstaff
#7 @helpscout
#8 @stickermule
#9 @ghost
#10 @shogun

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