Building remote

Always have your video ON

It can be easy to stop sharing your video at some point. Maybe then you don’t have to put on nice clothes and clean up your office/bedroom.

But meetings are really the only time when your remote team can develop a more human relationship. Making a joke on a video call brings the team a lot more closer than sending it by email.

Try to make it into a practice to have video always on when you have your internet meetings. 

Of course there can be exceptions (like when you really don’t want to put on your shirt that day). But in general, try to keep it on (I mean, the video AND the shirt).

But I also mean pants, actually. Because when you should have a need to stand up from your video call and walk to another room, it would be great if you’d have your pants on.

Rauno Metsa
Founder of RemoteHub
Hey! This post is a part of a book I'm writing about how to build and run a remote company that doesn't need an office.