I started a remote community

I started building a remote community portal. Here’s what I have now and I would love your feedback where to take this next.

A few days ago, I started with the community section on RemoteHub. I think this could be a place for:

– remote workers who would like to chat with other remote workers

– people looking to start working remotely to ask questions and get tips from the community

– remote companies chatting with other remote companies about running a remote team (also, post remote jobs and find remote talent)

I’ve been working on this for a couple of days so far which means it’s very fresh! I currently see this as a list of discussions spread across different channels, but a lot can change. I would be happy to hear your thoughts on where to take this.


This is the first page you see when visiting the community (it’s also a first link in the channels list). Feed gives you a quick overview what’s happening by listing all discussions and replies (newest on top).

Start discussions

You can (and are encouraged to!) start new discussions. Just open a channel and use the field on top of the posts. You can also add photos! For example, it would be fun to see your remote workspace (there’s a dedicated channel for this).

Participate in discussions

You can leave your comment to discussions. Give your feedback, help with questions. If you don’t have anything particular to say, you can show your love by upvoting it.


This is a place where you find out what’s happening with your discussions – for now, you’ll get a notification when someone replies to or likes your discussion.

Custom discussions

I also started with custom discussions – these are normal discussion posts, but with a widget. Right now I can reference a remote team and so their profile shows up.

Planning to do someting similar with referencing remote jobs and stories.

I would love your feedback

I’m not building this for myself (obviously). I hope this grows into a community and so I would be very happy to hear what kind of features you would like to find here.

You can leave your comment here! (or, if you don’t have anything to say right now, just leave your upvote)

Rauno Metsa
Founder of RemoteHub
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