Hey freelancers

Let’s build a new Fiverr or Upwork, but something much more smaller and fun? I started to build something. Would be fun to hear your thoughts.

RemoteHub is a community of remote workers. There are currently more than 1,000 members. They are full-time remote workers, freelancers, digital nomads.

We have a world full of great talent. Designers, developers, writers and other knowledge workers. I’ve been thinking about how to connect RemoteHub talents with people who need their help.

And now I need a help with one of my own projects (write responsive html/css based on designs) and I thought what a great way to start through this.

Btw, you can let me know if you’d like to work on the project:

Fiverr, Upwork etc

I know freelancer marketplaces exist and I’m not looking to compete with them. They are huge. I’m thinking something much smaller. 

There are many things I don’t like about these huge freelancer marketplaces. First, they take a lot of money from the talent’s pocket (20%?). But also because it seems that it’s mostly about competing about who makes the lowest offer (maybe I’m wrong about this).

We have profiles here!

RemoteHub members build their profiles – add something about yourself and list your skills. I should also add a way to showcase your projects!

How to connect freelancers with clients?

One way would be to just let clients post freelance jobs. Title and description. But that’s quite boring I think.

Maybe add a way to build out a project with tasks and let clients post their projects. Then freelancers browse these projects with tasks in them and decide if they would like to be part of it. More fun?

I started to play aroung with this and my first project is live (I’m looking for a freelance html/css human) – you can let me know if you’re interested:

I can see a list of members who apply and I can invite someone to the project. I would then work with this person here on RemoteHub, through tasks.

Where to take this next?

Here are some more ideas I’ve been thinking about:

1. Client can have their network of freelancers. You need something > you create a task > you share it with your network. Someone picks it up and pushes a button "I’ll do it".

2. Freelancer friends. Client needs a website design + coding and finds a designer on RemoteHub. But this client also needs coding when the design is ready. There can be "freelancer friends" (or something like that) – people who have been working together. So they know how to work together. It’s much better to order coding part from a friend of this designer from someone stranger. 

Happy to talk with you! My email is

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