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Agile software development in remote teams

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⚡️ Agile Software Development at komoot
At komoot, technology is the heart of our product. We continuously improve our development process and learn from our successes and failures. Our senior team members share their domain knowledge with the new hires, who quickly take responsibility, ownership and introduce fresh ideas. We collaboratively own and run the system. We built it, we run it.
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komoot HIRING
Say Hello To Your Next Adventure
🏙 14 cities
🌎 10 countries
🤓 11-50 members
⚡️ Agile Software Development at Stanwood
We use our own SCRUM/Kanban methodology which we customized to fit our 100% remote processes and our clients' requests. Each sprint is about 2 weeks where 1 of it is for planning and refining and one is for actual coding. We regularly do retros for sprints that didn't meet the set goals in order to learn from it and constantly improve.
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Digital Agency For Mobile App and Web Development
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⚡️ Agile Software Development at Niteo
We do 2-week SCRUM, customized to our remote and async way of working. Retros take us about an hour, planning a bit less. We do planning poker as (hidden-by-default) comments on stories, asyncrounously.
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Empowering Small Businesses
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⚡️ Agile Software Development at Vero
We run on the Agile framework (more or less). We do twice-weekly standups and run a very rigorous planning/scoping/sprint process in Asana that keeps us moving forward, even as a remote team!
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Customer messaging platform
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⚡️ Agile Software Development at Latchel
We do weekly sprint planning and story point sizing. We are very tied into Atlassian using Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.
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24/7 maintenance department for property managers
🏙 11 cities
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⚡️ Agile Software Development at croox
Scrum and Kanban with OKRs and CFR, organized in Sprints with Sprint planning + review und retrospectives
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croox HIRING
cross over experts having fun at work
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⚡️ Agile Software Development at Remo.co
We follow the agile methodology as much as we can to be as adaptable and as customer focused as we can.
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Remo is a video-first virtual workspace for remote teams
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⚡️ Agile Software Development at Reliant Solutions
Reliant Solutions
⚡️ Agile Software Development at unrealists GmbH
unrealists GmbH
🤓 1-10 members