Pawel Siedlak
Experienced remote software engineer and leader.


🤓 Founder
💻 Programming
🏡 Prefers home
🏝 8 years remote
💼 Remote work consultant
Last seen 3mos



I have worked remotely as a software engineer and technical / team lead ( interchangeably with on-site ) since 2012. Fully remote since 2017.

One of my biggest achievements was building and leading a distributed team of 5 software engineers within a medium sized product company.
I owned and conducted all major steps of the process including recruitment, interviewing and induction of team members.

Currently I run a small remote agency and provide following services :

- Development of Web and Mobile applications for startups and research teams (including building and leading required project teams)
- Recruitment of software engineers for distributed projects (including technical assessment and interview)
- Remote project management
- Remote work / leadership consulting


Web dev
Mobile dev