Nikhar Sawhney
Head of Documentation - Remote, Quod Financial




I am a technical communicator with over 10 years of experience; working as a technical writer, product owner (documentation), content strategist, and documentation evangelist. My experience includes working with many established MNCs and promising Start-ups.
I believe in today's world, documentation is much more than help and support information. It plays a vital role in customer enablement and customer success. I strongly advocate including documentation as a part of product development (or better make it a product).
I am well versed in Agile methodology and working directly with professionals from an array of backgrounds and expertise. My major responsibilities are ( but are not limited to) :

- Create and produce a variety of documentation for users (internal and external).
- Design and maintain the documentation ecosystem in the organization.
- Work closely with developers, PMs, SMEs, designers, to identify key areas to produce documentation.
- Analyze the performance and effectiveness of the documentation.
- Assist support teams, Pre-sales, Sales, and CSMs.
- Research the latest documentation trends and actively participate in the global documentation communities.

Work experience


UI/UX Design