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Within the past few years, I have been responsible for growth in terms of Human Resources, HR strategies, employment solutions, HR project management, recruitment as well as implementation of remote work.

Thanks to leading remote teams and being a remote years, I have established a consulting business HR Remote Work Advocate in order to enhance the remote work experience for both companies and candidates.

The services of include:

- Educating on remote work solutions - both employers and employees,
- Providing remote work audits to companies in order to assess its stages of “remote-readiness”,
- Designing custom made solutions in the area of remote work (such as: internal communications, processes and procedures, tools, IT and legal risk elimination),
- Performing workshops on successful remote work implementation for managers and teams,
- Providing “remote-ready” behavioural testing for candidates,
- Providing coaching services to candidates willing to find a remote job,
- Strategic human resources planning,
- Filling highly specialist skill gaps within existing teams in various companies,
- Solving problems such as disputes/crises,
- Designing and delivering change initiatives,
- Creating of various recruitment strategies in order to ensure optimal standard and efficient talents flow,
- Providing coaching to employees, managers and senior leadership to drive culture and overall business success,
- Headhunting services for complex roles in the remote environment.

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