Ania Krol
Online Business Coach for Freelancers and Solopreneurs


πŸ€“ Founder
🏑 Prefers home
🏝 5 years remote
πŸ’Ό Remote work consultant
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Hi everyone, I'm Ania and I'm an online business & mindset coach! I work with freelancers and solopreneurs!

Now more than ever, I feel called to offer what I do best: hold space for you and help you start or grow your online business that aims to serve others!

Why my clients love working with me:

1. We work on clarity: offer, niche, pricing - this is the foundation of everything.
2. I provide sales and marketing education - the school doesn't teach us!
3. They can count on me while growing their business - accountability is a must!

I also support my clients in building a growth mindset that is key in their fresh entrepreneurial journey.Β 

My mission is to show my audience that it is worth looking for the best version of ourselves and it is possible to unlock our full potential. I am also a speaker, full-time digital nomad and a remote work advocate who has mentored 120+ students in building their freelance skills.

If any of this speaks to you, reach out for our free chatβ™₯️